NearSend's for Mac FAQ

NearSend Through Bluetooth and other near-field communication technologies, the transmission and sharing of files, pictures, and folders can be realized.

In the process of use, it is inevitable to encounter some problems, the purpose of this article is to solve the common problems encountered by users in the process of use.

In version 2.0+, data sharing and transmission over LAN is supported across platforms, devices, and systems.

Supported platforms: iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Browser

How to send data using Bluetooth

Notice:Data transmission and reception, this function requires two devices to operate.

For example:

Receiving device: An MacBook Air

Sending device: An MacBook Pro

Step 1: Receive the device

On the receiving device, open the “Receive” page and place it.

See below:


Step 2: Send the device

When sending data, most of the operations are concentrated on the sending device, and the specific steps are as follows:


    1. Switch to “Send” page;
    1. Select the data to be sent, such as: folder, media data (pictures, videos), etc.;
    1. If you do not see the receiving device in the device list, you can click the “Bluetooth” button to scan the device;
    1. Select the device you want to send, such as YXWKYEX.

Step 3: Receive the device

When the sending is complete, you can browse the received files, such as pictures and videos, in the receiving device.

The specific operation is to switch to the “Setting” page, as shown below:


    1. Switch to “Setting” page;
    1. Click “File(s) receive location” to automatically open the Finder to locate the specified folder, which contains the received file data.

Additional instructions

The sending and receiving devices can be a Mac computer and a mobile device (iPhone), but the corresponding apps are different and can be downloaded by searching for “NearSend” in the AppStore.

NearSend already enables data transfer between mobile devices and Macs.

  • NearSend Download

How to share data over a local area network

Note You need to upgrade your app version to 2.0 and above.

    1. Open the receiving panel in the app.


    1. Enter the private IP address of the receiving device.

Example: Open using Safari on your iPhone device.


Follow the interface buttons to share data.

Why can’t file transfer be done

Because data is now transmitted through the Bluetooth module, if the Bluetooth module is not turned on or damaged, it cannot be transmitted.

Problem Resolution:

    1. Make sure that both the receiving device and the transmitting device have enabled the Bluetooth function;
    1. Make sure that the Bluetooth function of the receiving device and the sending device is working properly.

Where is the received file


As shown in the image above, the default receive file is stored under the ~/Downloads/NearSend folder.

Why does the file show 0 bytes

Because the receiving file is written in real time, that is, when the sender device transfers the file, the receiving device will create a file in the corresponding location for receive & write, so it will see that the file is 0 bytes during the transfer, and once the file is received, the file is written and the size is updated.